In the dynamic world of tech investment, partnerships between accelerators and financial behemoths wield significant influence over the trajectory of budding startups. Among these collaborations, the alliance between Techstars and J.P. Morgan stood out for its potential to empower underrepresented founders and reshape urban innovation. However, recent revelations hint at fractures within this alliance, leaving a trail of tension and uncertainty in its wake.

Unveiling the Fractures

A pivotal Zoom meeting saw Techstars CEO Maëlle Gavet facing probing questions regarding the progress of the $80 million Advancing Cities Fund, a venture birthed from collaboration with J.P. Morgan. What emerged painted a sobering reality: the partnership was faltering. Reports from multiple sources depicted disengagement and discord, with both parties bearing responsibility for the strained relationship.

The Promise and Perils of Urban Innovation

Techstars’ ambitious goal to support over 400 companies founded by underrepresented individuals sparked intrigue. Programs proliferated across cities like Oakland, Atlanta, and Miami, buoyed by the promise of transformative capital. Yet, by August 2023, cracks began to surface, with J.P. Morgan’s interest waning amidst operational missteps and missed projections.

Struggles and Setbacks

As Techstars embarked on operational restructuring, the toll of missteps became apparent. Revenue projections fell short, and losses mounted, prompting tough decisions to shutter accelerators and trim staff. Amidst this backdrop, the fate of the Advancing Cities programs hung precariously, casting a shadow over the futures of those involved.

Divergent Definitions of Diversity

At the heart of the discord lay conflicting visions of diversity. While J.P. Morgan advocated for a focused approach, Techstars embraced a broader definition, encompassing factors like gender, age, and veteran status. The resulting tension underscored deeper systemic challenges within the tech ecosystem, where ideals clashed with operational realities.

Balancing Mission and Metrics

As expectations clashed, managing directors found themselves torn between competing priorities. While J.P. Morgan championed diversity, Techstars’ reward structures centered on financial returns, creating a complex dynamic. Amidst this tug-of-war, the mission to uplift underrepresented founders risked being overshadowed by conflicting incentives.

Uncertain Horizons

With the partnership in limbo, Techstars faced a daunting reality. The prospect of replacing J.P. Morgan loomed large, yet viable alternatives were scarce. As uncertainty mounted, the specter of staff exits and program closures cast a pall over the organization’s future, leaving many in the balance.

The Road Ahead

As Techstars navigates choppy waters, the path forward remains unclear. Questions linger about the fate of the Advancing Cities programs and the broader implications for diversity in tech. Yet amidst the uncertainty, there lies an opportunity for reflection and renewal, a chance to learn from past missteps and chart a more inclusive future.


The unraveling partnership between Techstars and J.P. Morgan serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the complexities and challenges of fostering diversity in tech. As both parties grapple with the fallout, there is a pressing need for dialogue and collaboration, a recognition that true progress requires unity of purpose and shared vision. Only by confronting these challenges head-on can we hope to build a more equitable and inclusive tech ecosystem for all.

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